Friday, 14 November 2014

How to spot motor faults and how to fix emergency situations?

In present scenario car has become important electronic equipment without which one cannot imagine a smooth life. Being full of electrical components, the chances of faults are more. It is very necessary to spot the faults and fix them properly especially during emergencies. A proper diagnosis of the problem takes a good amount of time because it has to be mechanically inclined and cured of.

One may experience some instant problems in car while driving on the road with no mechanic nearby. All things become more troublesome at such a time thus one must have some basic understanding of causes of fault and their temporary solution. If one finds that the car is running very rough when alternator lights are on, it means that no electricity is produced by the alternator thus engine is using only battery. One can drive the car during such a situation for not more than 15-30 minutes. Drive at a speed of 40 mph, turn off AC, radio, fan blower etc. In some cases, the replacement of alternator can fix the problem to a large extent. Make sure to test the alternator before going out on any automobile.

If one finds that steam is escaping out from the front, it means engine is encountering some problems. When engine becomes too hot it starts throwing steam out from the hood’s front. It can be diagnosed by pulling it safely, turn it off as soon as possible and also turn the flashers off. Check from where the steam is escaping, one reason may be long hours of driving. To fix this problem, tow is required because one does not have many choices to solve this.

One must read the car manual properly to ensure knowledge of some basic things. Ensure to have an emergency kit to cope up with urgent situations.

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