Friday, 14 November 2014

How to take care of your car in summers?

When the sun is soaring, it is worrisome for humans as well as for cars. During summers, cars need some extra care as well as servicing otherwise they might become bothersome, making things difficult. So it is very important to follow certain tips to keep a car cool and in proper health during summers.

One can start with washing car properly in order to remove the build up dirt from winters. It gives an opportunity to properly examine the paint for scrapes and nicks. Check batteries properly because due to immense pressure in summers they may fail. Take help of a professional technician to check the batteries like tightening connections and corrosion etc. Overheating is one of the main causes of breakdown during summers thus examine coolant levels. Antifreeze is not only necessary for winters but can be used in summers also because it prevents overheating.

Check belts, filters and hoses because they have undergone lot of wear and tear at the time of winters. An Air-conditioning system that is marginally operated can fail during summers thus ensure proper check. The hot weather affects mostly the pressure of tyres of a car thus does not forget to check them. Proper pressure helps in maximizing the gas mileage and protects tyres from wear and tear on the roads. Always carry an emergency kit in the car especially during summers. A kit must contain jumper cables, extra batteries, and first aid-kit and warning devices.

Car servicing especially during summers helps to increase fuel efficiency and prevent it from turning too hot. Try to put off the burden in order to make it clean because extra weight affects the gas mileage. A high quality car wax is a great idea to keep the exterior of the car safe from the bright sun rays. Another important consideration is car parking, do not park under direct sunlight thus choose a shady place.

Following simple tips will ensure that you enjoy cool driving.

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