Friday, 14 November 2014

Let’s discuss some common automobile care tips

It is very necessary to get prepared for certain unexpected road emergencies while driving an automobile. According to some studies and researches neglecting the maintenance of an automobile is the main reason behind various fatalities. People must follow some tips to take the best care of their greatest asset, the lovable car.

The cooling system of the car must be blushed and refilled after every 24 months. The condition, level and concentration of the system must be properly checked by qualified technicians. Do not remove the cap of the radiator until the engine gets cooled thoroughly. The condition and tightness of drive belts, hoses and clamps must be checked properly. Check the oil filters as per the owner manual’s specifications and replace fuel, air and PCV etc as per the recommendation. Get the drivability problems of the engine checked from a certified shop such as rough idling, hard stops, diminished power and stalling etc.

Replace the blades of dirty windshield because they causes eye weariness thus from the safety point of view it is very essential to replace them. The tire pressure must be checked out for at least once in 30 days and make sure to keep jack in proper condition. Ensure that the tyres are kept in proper inflated levels otherwise it becomes difficult to move the vehicle on road. Try to lighten the vehicle by putting off some extra weight because it hinders the fuel efficiency.

Keep the window closed because open windows maximize the aerodynamic drag especially on highways that may affect fuel economy. Shut off the automobile when the idle time is more than 1 minute, it helps in saving fuel. Check the belts properly because safety is the most important thing while driving and get them replaced if required.

A proper inspection and maintenance of any automobile provides it a long and quality life. So just take care of this life time investment as well as asset to enjoy trips.

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