Friday, 14 November 2014

What are the basic DIY car care tips?

People really take pleasure in possessing an attractive and reliable car and consider it as an important asset. Proper maintenance of the car is a key to keep it aesthetically pleasing and dependable. Keeping the car in good shape is very essential these days because most of the people heavily rely upon them. One can enjoy greater efficiency through simply following some basic DIY car care tips.

Firstly, clean the engine of the car properly in order to find any cracks, leaks or any other problems related to hose breaks and belt. Try to track the mileage of the car in order to implement any required fuel efficiency efforts. Clean the windshield of car with a razor blade to deal with blotches and other problems. Keeping a hand sanitizer in the car not only keeps away from germs but it can be used to split down ice, apply it to locks and get relief from standing in the cold.

Try to fix all scratches and cracks immediately because car looks bad with many cracks over it. One may apply nail polish matching with the color of car to hide some small scratches. One can also fix dents on their own with the help of dry ice, hair dryer and compressed air can. Serious repairs require visiting a workshop because they cannot be fixed at home. One can use some yogurt cups, duct tape or other items for some convenient storage space.

Check engine oil and for procedure read the owner manual carefully, use dip to check the desired level of engine oil. Apart from this, check the transmission fluid by locating the transmission dipstick. If one finds that the fluid smells like burnt and looks black, it means it needs to be replaced. Check the pressure of tyres with the help of gauge and it is the best idea to purchase the same for anytime requirement.

Just enjoy driving by following certain DIY tips and take proper care of car.

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