Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What is bounce flash?

There are several features and functions found on latest models of digital cameras. However not all models have inbuilt flash with every kind of features and some of the features and functions only work in conjunction with limited models of digital cameras. Most of the digital SLR cameras have off-camera or external flash that come with the ability to tilt or swivel the flash head mounted on the camera. There are some models which come with the facility to tilt and swivel the flash head from an angle of 0 degrees to 90 degrees.
The Bounce flash comes with tilt and swivel function from an angle of 0 degrees to 180 degrees. There is also the facility of click stops that helps the photographers to place the flash head at detent positions and there is also the bounce flash that comes with spring load mechanism to keep the flash head at the pointed head-on. Some of the latest models of bounce flash have the swivels that can rotate at an angle of 180 degrees towards left and right and most of them come with push button latch to release both the tilt and swivel actions.
The swivel and tilt functions allow the photographers to bounce flash light from the walls, ceilings, reflectors etc., to reduce the intensity of light. The non-bounced light tends to affect the image quality of the photographs, as it originates from a comparatively small area. The reflected light results in blurred or white out images.
Bounce flash effectively reduce the high intensity of flash light. However there are disadvantages as well. The bounce flash technique may not be effective when shooting photos outdoors, unless individuals carry reflectors which are most immediately useful in indoor spaces. Sometimes, it may not be effective even when shooting indoors if there are dark backgrounds or high ceilings. In such situations, individuals may have to use bounce flash along with higher ISO or faster film speeds or use large lens apertures. 

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