Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What is Fill flash?

Fill Flash when applied in the right situations and adequately can bring image to life by highlighting the subject and help to draw attention to them rather than the bright background. When there is bright background it will overshadow the main subject of the photograph if there is not adequate side light. In situations when there is sufficient side light it will help to reduce shadows. When individuals start to experiment with their photography skills, they begin to learn the basics about using flash and various other camera settings and functions.
The foremost thing that individuals need to understand is the range of their camera flash. If the intensity of flash light is not very powerful, it would be best to get closer to the subject. If individuals find that flash light is not as effective as they would want to cover up the shadows on their subject, they should move closer.
However, photographers should not move too close to their subjects either as the inbuilt flash on the camera can become too intense if the photographer moves very close to the subject. This may result in fading colors where photographers will lose definition of their subjects and in some cases; the subject may become white blob. If individuals find that the inbuilt flash on their camera throws high intensity of light and if there is no diffuser, individuals may have to try using white paper napkins over the flash to reduce its intensity, which will act as temporary diffuser.
When using digital cameras, this technique can offer much better results. Individuals can take some test shots to find out how much diffusing they will need. This is perhaps an easy and effective technique that can be tried at homes. For this individuals will not require specialized tools to experiment with besides their camera.
Almost all professional and highly advanced cameras have in built flash. The Fill flash technique can eliminate the chances of shadows in the clicked photographs. 

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